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Mag-30100015-1   2" Wide Power Feeder Wheel Urethane Yellow
Mag-21100100   Additional Stand For 2068
Mag-33201104   Articulation Elbow #26
Mag-33253101   Base #4
Mag-00003434   Bearing 6001
Mag-00003410   Bearing 6203 #19
Mag-42201001   Bronze Crown Gear w/Shaft 8 Speed
Mag-22700020   Brush Set Complete (2 Per Set)
Mag-31600003   Bush
Mag-42201009   Bushing #11
Mag-22770100   C1 Conversion Kit
Mag-33205107   Cap
Mag-00005301   Capacitor - 220V 1PH - Model 2034
Mag-41601020   Center Axle #22 DRIVE
Mag-40100028   Chain #19
Mag-40100026   Chain 3/8 - 40 Pitch
Mag-40100027   Chain 3/8 - 62 Pitch
Mag-00003901   Control Handle
Mag-40101016   Cover #15
Mag-42100104   Cover 4V
Mag-42201004   Cover 8V
Mag-33253102   Cross Arm Support #14 - Old Style
Mag-32722102   Door Steff 2034/2038 RAL 7035
Mag-33622102   Door Steff 2044/2048 RAL 7035
Mag-31601018   Double Pinion
Mag-00004303   Elastic Pin 4X14
Mag-00004313   Elastic Pin Diam. 6X20
Mag-41601019   End Shaft Axle #20 DRIVEN
Mag-42200012   External Gear Z25
Mag-42200011   External Gear Z40
Mag-30200001   Feeder Belt CI - Rubber
Mag-30200001-1   Feeder Belt CI - Urethane
Mag-20101011   Feeder Motor 230V 3P
Mag-20101023   Feeder Motor 230V, 1PH
Mag-20101015   Feeder Motor 440V 3P
Mag-33200105   Feeder Stand Collar #27
24100021   FEEDER TO STAND PIPE GROUP - 2032
Mag-22100151   Flip-Away Table Mount - Feeder Stand
Mag-42201007   Gear Moving Shaft - #14
Mag-42200016   Gear Z=17
Mag-42200015   Gear Z=31
Mag-42200008   Gear Z20 #15
Mag-42201005   Gear Z34 #18
Mag-00006801   Grease Gun for Steff Feeder
Mag-00003703   Greasing Nipple
Mag-33260010   Handle - New Style Stand with Long Key for 15mm Shaft
Mag-33201010   Handle - Old Style Stand with Short Key for 16mm Shaft
Mag-00003899   Handle M14480
Mag-00003902   Handle, Adjustment Wheel #20
Mag-33201009   Handle, Base & Cross Arm M12
Mag-23200022   Handwheel #9
Mag-00006404   Hood - CEG - 4 Hole Mount
Mag-00006414   Hood - MAGGI - 3 Hole Mount
Mag-43203014   Horizontal Arm Assembly, 705mm OAL (28")
Mag-23260104   Horizontal Bar Extra Long 1050MM OAL (41.3")
Mag-33253103   Horizontal End Support
Mag-40100051   Hub & Pinion Group - Belt Feeder (Not Roller Feeder)
Mag-40100050   Hub & Pinion Group - Roller Feeder (Not Belt Feeder)
Mag-40100022   Hub Gear #11
Mag-43201010   Key
Mag-40102020   LH Support #21
Mag-43200016-NEW   Lifting Screw #15 - New Style - 11/16"+ OD Threads Black
Mag-43200016-Old   Lifting Screw #15 - Old Style - 3/4"+ OD Threads Silver
Mag-23203016   Lifting Screw #15/29 Stand V Extra Long - Old Style
Misc   Misc
Mag-00004803   Motor Fan - Specify Model Motor
Mag-00006312   Motor Switch - Bremas **SEE 00006314 **
Mag-00006314   Motor Switch - Maggi : Blue or Black Color
Mag-00006311   Motor Switch - Tecnomatic
Mag-00003504   O-Ring 174
Mag-00003510   O-Ring 3043
Mag-00003518   O-Ring 3112
Mag-00003516   O-Ring 3281
Mag-00003517   O-Ring 4400
Mag-00003203   Oil Plug
Mag-00003605   Oil Seal 32X17X7
Mag-00004318   Pin Diam. 6X40
Mag-43200077   Pin, Cap Anchorage
Mag-42202007   Pre Selector #16 with Key - STEEL
Mag-40200001   Pulley CI
Mag-00003905   Ratcheting Handle M12
Mag-40102014   RH Support #10
Mag-30102015   Rubber Power Feeder Wheels (Orange) 4-5/8 X 2-1/4 Soft
Mag-00140605   Screw TCEI M 6X12 UNI-5927
Mag-00018342   Screw TCEI M5 X 18 ISO 4762 ZINC.
Mag-00040512   Screw TCEI M5 X 18 UNI 5913
Mag-00550808   Screw TSPEI M8 X 40
Mag-00003303   Seeger Ring (Clip) E15
Mag-00003307   Seeger Ring E20
Mag-00003311   Seeger Ring E26
Mag-42201006   Shaft #17
Mag-42100022   Shaft w/ Bronze Gear 4 Speed
Mag-41600017   Single Pinion
Mag-30000004-1   Small Feeder Wheel 3" DIA X 1" WIDE - OM312 / 2032 Blue Urethane
Mag-30000004   Small Feeder Wheel 3" DIA x 1" WIDE - OM312 / 2032 Tan Rubber
Mag-00004101   Sphere 3/16" OD
Mag-40100013   Spring
Mag-40300013   Spring
Mag-13300700   Stand 1050 - 1050 MM Extra Long
Mag-31301019   Standard 2033 Feeder Tire Rubber
Mag-30100015   STANDARD Rubber Power Feeder Wheel (Tan) 4-5/8 X 2-1/4
Mag-13200700   STANDARD Support Unit
Mag-40102015   Steel Feed Roller
Steff-2032   Steff 2032 Hobby Class Feeder
Steff-2034   Steff 2034 Power Feeder
Steff-2038   Steff 2038 Roller 8 Speed
Steff-2038CI   Steff 2038CI
Steff-2044   Steff 2044 Power Feeder
Steff-2048   Steff 2048 Power Feeder
Steff-2068   Steff 2068 Power Feeder
Steff-Supersonic3   Steff Supersonic 3 Power Feeder
Steff-Supersonic4   Steff Supersonic 4 Power Feeder
Mag-43201019-OLD   Stud Bolt #24 Elbow **Old Style - Short Key Type A
Mag-43200020   Stud Bolt #28
Mag-43200008   Stud Bolt #3
Mag-43201019-NEW   Stud Bolt Elbow #24 **New Style - Long Key Stand Type B
Mag-00006214   Switch Box - Maggi Motor
Mag-31500062-1   Tire For 2033 Blue Urethane *OLDER MODELS*
Mag-31500062   Tire For 2033 Tan Rubber *OLDER MODELS*
Mag-00004601   Variable Speed Belt - Variosteff
VarioSteff3   Vario Steff3
Vario-Steff4   Vario-Steff4
Mag-43205009   Vertical Column #5
Mag-23200099   Vertical Column #5/35 Stand V Extra Long 860MM
Mag-00000020   Washer # 29 Collar Bolt
Mag-00000022   Washer #2 Handle Stud Bolt
Mag-00000034   Washer 20 DIA
Mag-23200023   Wheel #19 Complete

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